[s-cars] Split Exhaust system

Trevor Frank tfrank at symyx.com
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Stromung is 3", I know of one guy that has the most powerfull URs4/s6 I
have ever heard of, 11.2 in the quarter, he has 2.5" dual all the way
back that he is happy with.  I suspect that the 3" is lighter and flow's
enough for most if not all of us.  I am thinking of doing a 3.5", I have
the material now just time, it is also hard to find a 3.5" cat.

So although more cat's may be better for emissions if a newer car is any
indication, from 3-6 cats....  I know several people who have had no
issues with the single 3" in the stromung.

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Do the aftermarket exhausts for our s4's stick with the twin pipe
arrangement from the firewall back or do they remove the split downpipe
& go
with a single 2.5" or 3" pipe all the way through?

I'm considering making a new exhaust but don't know if the split sytem
their just for necessity (are 2 cats necessary) or is this just german

Anybody tried both methods?


PS Mr Frank, drop us a mail. Cash waiting.

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