[s-cars] Drivers side door wind noise at speed

Kevin Campbell kevin.campbell at autodesk.com
Thu Apr 8 20:48:07 EDT 2004

When I get up to 100+ mph the top rear portion of the driver's side door
seems to get pressurized outwards, making a hurricane type sound.  It's
beginning to drive me crazy.

The door seals are in good shape.  The latch is adjusted correctly and
door closes tightly.  I thought of using a couple of small strips of
all-purpose weather stripping, but haven't tried it yet.  

Has anyone else experienced this and come up with a fix?

On another annoying note, the sliding sunroof cover makes a little
rattling noise around idle and on take off (low RPM's).  So far I've
been shimming it with my security key for work.  Any tricks for this

Sorry to be so anal.  When the rest of my car is perfect it's the little
shit that drives me nuts.

Thanks in advance,
93 S4

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