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CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Fri Apr 9 17:18:32 EDT 2004

Well, I just got home after picking my car up from Autosport Werks. When I got there my car was parked in the back lot with the key on the dash. I jump in, crank it up and off I go for a test drive. The weather is perfect for a Quattro with rain/snow falling and the temp about 38 degrees. The car is pulling hard but I'm a little disappointed. Its still got a little hesitation like its always had. This isn't something that anyone else but me would feel. To everyone else that drives the car the awesome torque and power just overwhelm the senses. But it is something that I can feel. 

I go back to the shop to talk with Gunther and Pete and that's when they tell me that I don't have my ECU in there yet. They're still burning my chips off Gunther's computer. Pheww. They had thrown in one of Mike P's ECU's that my SW was based on so I had just taken that run with my old programming. My ECU is finally finished and they swap it out. Pete goes for a test drive and now I'm finally ready to drive it myself. WOW, is this thing smooooth!!! Gone is the hesitation and in its place is seemless power delivery at an incredible rate. My boost threshold dropped another 100 rpm to 3100 rpm. 

Are we done yet. I don't know. Gunther really wants to bring in a stailess steel hotside turbo that Sportec sourced through the Audi racing program. He doesn't know the price but smiles at me with a twinkle in his eye. I do have some back pressure in my exhaust and that's even without the cat. Can you say dual 3"? Anybody interested in a used Stromung? Help, I'm falling.

Hap, tryin not to fall too hard in Evahboost

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