[s-cars] re: Water Leaking Into Cabin

Paul Dooley WeSki at icubed.com
Fri Apr 9 23:44:13 EDT 2004


I've had this problem once last year.  Like Bob said, there are 4 drains 
for the sunroof, with one in each corner.  The 2 front drains end in the 
front door jams.  The 2 back drains end behind the wheel wells. 
 Bentleys tells you to snake the front drains from the top and the back 
drains from the bottom.  I used an old cable from the jib on my sailboat 
- it was small in diameter and extremely flexible.  You could also use a 
brake cable from a bicycle but you will need 6 feet of it to snake the 
back drains.


Paul Dooley
95 S6 with clean sunroof drains

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