[s-cars] Oil drain plug

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Tue Apr 13 08:19:18 EDT 2004

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bobfrizzell at shaw.ca writes:
.  I thought it would make more sense to apply it to the casing but what do I 
know!.  Opinions?
Get a 3-4' piece of black pipe, slip it over the end of your socket drive and 
give it a go. I can't see the plug being able to withstand that force.

On the heating issue.... ideally, heat the area uniformly, while someone 
applies force to the plug another person touchs the plug with a heat sink of your 
choosing [ice, a cold piece of steel, etc.]. Obviuoulsy, must be done quickly 
and with 2 people, so try the breaker bar first, my bet is it will work!

Bob 91 200q20v

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