[s-cars] Mystery chips

Kevin Day kday at ultrameta.org
Sat Apr 17 13:15:10 EDT 2004

I swapped my ECU for an MTM 1+ unit last weekend, and discovered that
my car had been chipped before.  I'm wondering if anyone recognizes
these two chip labels from the old ECU (in red marker on white stickers):


I wouldn't be surprised if they're the stock chips, since
the difference with the MTM chip is dramatic.  Perhaps the original
owner returned the car to stock prior to sale.  (That might also explain why my
exhaust manifold studs are the wrong size.)

Whoever installed the ECU cut the kick panel for easy access.  It
seems like overkill to me -- has anyone seen this done before?

'94 S4, now with MTM 1+ and a boost leak 
(waiting for clamps to arrive so I can install the Samcos -- thanks to
James S. for the G.P.)

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