[s-cars] Instructions for using S8 chrome mirrors on your C4 Audi

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
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If you can't figure that one out, I feel sorry for your significant other.  :P  j/k

Gabriel Caldwell

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i have to admit that i had a bit of trouble reading the below, but
for the most part, i could figure it out.

however, i'm having trouble with this one:

> Then with drops in the trousers the mirrors admire.

help, please.


--- Gabriel Caldwell <gabriel at ts.bc.ca> wrote:
> This change developed due to a suggestion, which I had gotten at the
> meeting 2001 in Celle: to block the polished aluminum mirrors of the
> current s-models at the C4. Due to this (fix) idea I opened myself to
> look for suitable mirror. Fuendig I finally became: a few used
> S8-Aluspiegel, both equivalent largely. The idea was the following: to
> install the aluminum mirror caps and the pertinent interior life onto
> the bases in principle of the similar A6 C4-Spiegel. This is necessary,
> since the base of the S8 does not fit to the C4. In addition were some
> modifications emergency little. First the mirror is completely divided,
> i.e. cap, glass, interior life etc. finely saeuberlich to remove, until
> only the naked base with "Gerippe" for mirror adjustment etc. remains
> remaining. Then one must the feather/spring, which holds the base and
> the actual mirror, links up and the ring sitting over it to remove.
> Sounds than it is simpler, I have for it from a copper braze-on fitting
> a kind adapter built, so that I could link the feather/spring up in the
> vice. Afterwards bases and mirrors are separate. One must make this both
> with the S8 and with the A6-Spiegel. One will have for the disassembly
> the conductions caps, up to the 2 cables for the mirror heating.
> After all mirrors and base are from each other separated, they are
> likewise built up accordingly by vice and adapter. The electrical
> connections can be soldered with one another. For the electrical
> adjustment three cables are emergency few: knows, red and brown-white. I
> soldered, function these simply 1-zu-1 with one another everything. Is
> important to naturally properly and isolate the soldered connections
> water resistantly.
> The mirrors are then quite simply installed: Disk completely down-drive.
> With the old, one-piece AUDI 100-Spiegeln the mirrors completely at the
> cars fold. The lining at the inside of the door in hit a corner with the
> mirror take off. One must loosen now the socket head screw (with the old
> 100er-Spiegel of the back with a 13er-Schluessel to counter) and a cross
> screw far in front release. Then the mirror can be solved from the door.
> Plugs take off. Then one can cultivate the new mirrors in reverse order.
> A bolting on and functional test make. Finally remount the cover. Then
> with drops in the trousers the mirrors admire.
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