[s-cars] Question on an 83 quattro coup

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Apr 20 17:10:16 EDT 2004

Come to the dark side my son.......

Paid $5k a couple of years ago for a clean one w/ 130Kmi.
then put on some factory 15x8 Ronals instead of the Borbets in the pic.

They are light, so if you take pity on Darin's languishing AAN it can be
made to fit without too much anguish and you'll be approaching SportQ
power/weight territory.

(don't buy the AAN, I'm waiting for Darin to offer me money to take it!)


Kevin Campbell wrote:

>I'm such a ditz.
>I should probably address the Quatto coupe forum with this, but I
>thought I'd ask "my peeps" on the S-Car list first.
>My dad has an old lady customer who wants to sell her pristine 83 Audi
>Quattro turbo 10v coup.  It's white and has the Audi circles going down
>either side.  It has about 100k miles on it.  She has no idea what to
>ask for it and is giving me first shot at the car.
>Any ideas on what these command in $$$.  Are they collectable/cool cars
>to own?
>I see my self rallying one of these at some point.
>Any suggestions, comments, etc. are greatly appreciated
>93 S4 (thinkin of pickin up a coupe)
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