Subject: [s-cars] sLippery slope poll -

Tom Green trgreen at
Wed Apr 21 12:04:59 EDT 2004

> Chris chambers ponders:
> My 93 S4 has over 212,000 miles on it, but has always been reliable.
> I am thinking about going down the slippery slope (a bit), and go the
> RS2 upgrade route. I am wanting to make an informed decision onthis, by
> replacing the Exhaust manifold, injectors, MAF, Turbo etc. Will I be
> placing too much strain on the rest of the engine?
> I have repeatedly read that the engine is extremely durable, and I do
> not drive it softly. Is there any concerns about doing this upgrade due
> to the number of miles on the car?
> Thanks for your input
> Chris

I doubt that these upgrades will have much effect on the engine 
longevity.  Driving style changes may, or the increased performance may 
demand corresponding upgrades in suspension and brakes.    I would 
think the issues would be are you going to keep the car long enough to 
justify the upgrade, and if so, what maintenance do you anticipate for 
the engine that you might want to do while the manifold is off ?  And 
then just concentrate on all the money you are "saving" by combining 
the jobs.

Tom '95 S6

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