[s-cars] S-site?

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Wed Apr 21 14:52:22 EDT 2004

Whoa... easy guys.  In terms of keeping the site alive on online it is more like $120 per month.  

I may be out close to 19k in the personal matter leading to my decision to pull the plug but I certainly don't want you guys to pick up that tab.  It isn't your guys problem and I'd _never_ ask for you to cover it.  :-)

OK, here is what I will do.  If you wish to donate I'll at least see that you get something in return.  Include your postal mailing address and vehicle year model and VIN and I can give you a certificate showing supporting member status.  Something to keep with your service history.  Obviously we all prefer to buy cars from fellow fanatics so this may help establish your lunacy in the event you want to sell your s-car.  (shame on you if you do though!)  ;-)

If you are a business wishing to donate, $40/mo will get your linked banner in rotation on the front page.  (Some restrictions apply)

I am currently away from my home base doing the web mail thing but I should be able to post a dedicated PayPal button on the site Friday morning.  Oh, and while you are thinking donations, don't forget all that Dan Simoes does in terms of providing this mailing list.  Thanks also to Mark Chang for his work on the s-car registry!


Woodbury, MN

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