[s-cars] leaking coolant

Kevin Campbell kevin.campbell at autodesk.com
Thu Apr 22 18:12:05 EDT 2004

S-car Gruppies,


I sustained a coolant leak sometime yesterday and have yet to track it down.  The coolant leak indicator clued me into it.  I only need drive several miles before it comes on.  When I go to check the coolant tank it is always about ¾ empty (I imagine this is where the sensor is.)  Then I refill.


Anyway, I see no detectable leak under the car.  Should I check for the leak while the car is hot and running?  Are there any common leak areas like the coolant bottle or the hoses running to the bottle?  I don't have a compression tester either.  I need to go to Tahoe tomorrow.  I don't want to fill the trunk with bottles of anti-freeze for the trip (I've convinced my wife I drive a "fine" automobile).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



94 S4

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