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chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 18:18:36 EDT 2004


I have two 93 S4's, both had mysterious coolant leaks that I couldn't
find. One finally reared it's head when the after run pump finished
cracking in two. It was expensive because I had to have ithe car
flatbed towed to the local dealer who was happy to rape me on the

The second car started it's mystery leak one year later, kept my eye on
the after run pump and sure enough, it was leaking. Dealer repair was
over $300, my repair on the second car was less than $100 and 30
minutes of my time.

Check your afer ron coolant pump, you don't want it failing on your


--- Kevin Campbell <kevin.campbell at autodesk.com> wrote:
> S-car Gruppies,
> I sustained a coolant leak sometime yesterday and have yet to track
> it down.  The coolant leak indicator clued me into it.  I only need
> drive several miles before it comes on.  When I go to check the
> coolant tank it is always about ¾ empty (I imagine this is where the
> sensor is.)  Then I refill.
> Anyway, I see no detectable leak under the car.  Should I check for
> the leak while the car is hot and running?  Are there any common leak
> areas like the coolant bottle or the hoses running to the bottle?  I
> don't have a compression tester either.  I need to go to Tahoe
> tomorrow.  I don't want to fill the trunk with bottles of anti-freeze
> for the trip (I've convinced my wife I drive a "fine" automobile).
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Kevin
> 94 S4
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