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>From what I understand it's the sound that indicates the failure - the
tranny works OK.


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Does the transmission malfunction at all aside from this sound?  I mean
is the sound the onjly way you know it's going bad or does it not shift
properly or act up otherwise?



Fred Munro wrote:

>To elaborate on Dave F's post, there are two "tranny noises" associated
>early UrS4 transmissions.
>The first is the pinion bearing noise described in Dave's post. It is speed
>related, independent of the gear the tranny is in, and when entering it's
>terminal phase has been described as sounding like a jet engine during
>The second is first gear noise. As Dave mentions, it is caused by galling
>first gear by over-enthusiastic use of the loud pedal while in said gear or
>by spinning tires (on ice, snow, wet or dry asphalt) while in first gear.
>is only heard when the tranny is in first gear. Audi installed a wider
>gear in the late '95 cars to resolve this issue. The high performance Euro
>cars (mit 6 speeds) got a hardened first gear set.
>Fred Munro
>'94 S4
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>So is this noise all the time in first gear, or only when you first
>start, only when shifting,  or only when you mash on it?
>Just want to know what to look out for.
>Dave Forgie wrote:
>>First gear noise is a high pitched whine from the pinion bearings of
>>some early 92 spec cars (including the elmwood Canadian "93"s).  The
>>preload on the pinion bearings was probably set too high at the
>>transmission factory, causing the bearings to fail prematurely.  Many
>>transmissions with this problem were changed/fixed under the original
>>warantees.  A few may have escaped for later failure. At some point in
>>late 93/early 93 they figured out the problem and not furhter failures
>>of that nature occurred.  But then there is the first gear spalling
>>problem (caused by too much horsepower applied too quickly, i.e. dumping
>>the clutch).
>>Dave F.
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