[s-cars] response to audi accident I AM A MEMBER

mike johnson liftin75 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 19:32:32 EDT 2004


just to let you know.  i am a member but cant log in
to the list.

1st i want to thank everyone for responding to my post
a while ago regarding front end vibration problems. 
it was 2 faulty ball joints. turning the wheel right
produced a nasty vibration going around corner under
power on real new high speed interstates around
chicago.  ball joint and a strut got rid of this
problem. the strut mounting stuff had to be totally
dissasembled and redone and welded also.

here is a link to a site i am only now publishing;


my reaction to the article on the crash is that it is
bad and i wish it did not happen.  the owner was more
into his car than some stinking insurance settlement. 
how much time i have spend.

to segwey,  the above link is a link to my mint
condition s4 which is very close to that car.  black
interior.  i endevoured to cover every angle of the
car.  no bs, medical bills are making me sell this
mint car.  im on yahoo auto adds also but the "asking
price" is 12995.   i am a reasonable person that
really wants this car to go to an audi person.  please
contact me because this car is VERY  clean and has no
imperfections.  it is VERY stock with no engine
modifications.  it is a non midwest rust free car in
chicago go figure. please contact if interested below.

liftin75 at yahoo.com

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