[s-cars] RE: Coolant temperature questions

Fifield, Douglas Douglas.Fifield at TENNANTCO.com
Mon Apr 26 09:55:23 EDT 2004

Kevin spoke:

> Shortly after I got my S4 last fall I had the thermostat replaced, and
> for four months or so I saw what I took to be normal temp. 
> values on the
> climate control head (and the gauge, until it stopped working): the CC
> indicated 92C at highway speeds, and would peak to 96 or so 
> in traffic.
> A few weeks ago it changed and I've been seeing 72C on the highway and
> haven't seen more than 75C at any time.  I replaced the thermostat
> today with a new one from the dealer, and the behavior is the same --
> high temps are in the 70s.  Any ideas why the engine would be running
> 20C cooler now?  What values are you guys seeing? (Anybody 
> want to buy a
> slightly used thermostat?)


If you are reading the coolant temps off the HVAC system, the temps
displayed will vary if the HVAC system is turned off.  Mine reads about 20
deg. C cooler with the system off.  Perhaps that is what you are seeing.

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