[s-cars] ACCNA thinking of joining with Lamborghini club

yumyjagermiester yumyjagermiester at hvc.rr.com
Tue Apr 27 21:46:16 EDT 2004

But the two joining? Like the Audi-Lamborghini car Club? Then would it be
the Audi-Lambo-P car-Seat-Skoda Car Club. I can't see how an owner of a 2004
Murcielago would be interested in coming out for a winter driving school. I
agree it would be great to meet enthusiasts whose passion lie within brands
other then the 4 rings, but to join and make the two into one, not a cool
idea in MY book. An Audi club should stay an Audi club. My two cents. I
would be all for a "Euro-Car Club".

And please, Audi to VW is a lot less of a stretch from Audi to Lamborghini


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The Le Mans is based on the Gallardo. No different than the VW guys hanging
out with the Audi guys... Enthusiasts are enthusiasts in my book.

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>I'd cancel my membership.
>2 Audis - Will never own a Lambo, even when/if, financially possible.
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>Hi all,
>  I had lunch with my father-in-law (Mike Fisher) today and he was telling
>about his meeting with the Lambo group and how they would like to join the
>ACCNA. This would be interesting.
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