[s-cars] Funny Noise

Bob DG bobs6 at msn.com
Wed Apr 28 21:53:35 EDT 2004

I have heard this niose with both my stratmosphere and a previous stock BPV. 
I think its the wastegate.

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>Forrest hears noises:
>When I first drive my car in the morning I hear an intermittent howling 
>noise for a couple seconds, then it fades away. It sounds just like when 
>you blow in to a beer bottle. Seems when the car gets warmed up the problem 
>doesn't exist.
>Greg J in Michigan
>I too have randomly experienced this sound in my cold car on cold days, it 
>sounds like a distant fog horn from a freight ship, and yes it's very 
>intermittent, does not happen everyday, and only before car has fully 
>warmed up.
>this question was on audiworld, thought it would be more practical here
>You probably have more answers to this than you need.   There probably 
>aren't many listers that haven't had the "goose honk" symptoms of a bad 
>diaphragm in the OEM bypass valve.   The archives are full of fixes--- 
>710N, Forge, Dahlback, Mitsu EVO, etc, etc., or just a new OEM valve.
>Tom '95 S6
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