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Richard Tanimura rictan302 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 00:40:58 EDT 2004

Tessie sums it up perfectly. But putting a alignment
stud in and taking it out only alleviates the pain, it
doesn't solve the problem. Studs are great. Anyone who
has tried them can tell you.

For those who insist on keeping to wheel bolts, a
trick is to put the tire on a crawler. It moves in any
direction and you can adjust the height of the car. It
makes it easier to get the first bolt in the hole.


--- Tessie McMillan <tessmc at drizzle.com> wrote:
> You can even make your own "Audi tool" if you find
> the right bolt... I 
> think one of my Alfa friends mentioned a bolt that
> came off an Alfa fit 
> into the wheel hub of the Audi. Who knows what bolt
> this was. I'm not 
> willing to take apart my Spider to find it... &:-)
> But in any case, even this is a pain to those of us
> who have to swap 
> wheels frequently. To get ready for the track,
> wheels come off so that we 
> can bleed brakes. Wheels go back on. Drive to the
> track, take street 
> wheels off and put track wheels on. End of day, take
> track wheels off and 
> put street wheels on, and drive home. Next day, take
> wheels off to bleed 
> brakes for the next track event. It adds up. I do an
> event each month, 
> with a couple of them 2 weeks apart.
> For someone like me, it is a chore to put the wheel
> on. I have to sit on 
> the ground, balance the wheel on my feet, and use my
> feet to help me heft 
> the wheel up to the hub while I'm eyeballing through
> the bolt holes... 
> &:-) My friends call this "Tess's gorilla method".
> If anything doesn't 
> line up just right, I have to get a centering tool
> out to rotate the hub 
> to get the holes to line up. It can take me quite a
> while to change a 
> wheel... and there's always four to do.
> When I drove my (now ex-) boyfriend's 911 at the
> track a few years ago, oh 
> my was that a LOT simpler to wheel swap. The 911 had
> wheel studs! 
> Tess 
> in Bellevue, WA USA 
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