[s-cars] Donations to help with list expenses

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Fri Apr 30 14:08:35 EDT 2004

Hi Y'all,

I don't know how many have been keeping track of s-car list news but a need 
for help with funding the list has arisen.  Total annual need is for 
approximately $1,400.  A number of individuals have made donations ( 
) and I know that Darin is pleased to receive them but more is 
needed.  Please let me encourage you to make a donation and keep it in mind 
again in the future.  S-cars is simply too valuable to just let it die.

Donations via PayPal can be sent to <editor at s-cars.org> or through a 
donations link button at http://s-cars.org.

BTW, I'm sending this note without "talking" with Darin about sending it.

"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it is 
hell!"  Harry Truman

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