[s-cars] coil vs. POS induced stutter

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Mon Aug 2 09:38:44 EDT 2004


Felt an ever so brief 'stutter' whilst cruising with the family yesterday
(read:  transient throttle stutter upon tipping in from loafing speed to
semi-loafing speed).  Very slight yet still noticeable...
stutterstutterstutter...  happened 2-3x when nearly off the gas completely,
maybe just tipping into it.  Drives / starts / idles fine otherwise since.

My question:  did any of you who've had coils / POSs fail experience a
'fart' such as this prior to the imminent failure?  Trying to prepare myself
for the inevitable.  Dodged this 100% failure bullet for 132k, was only a
matter of time.  Only to have the wife say "you should have bought <coil /
POS> in advance of a failure instead of those stupid Xe's last month"...
d'oh.  Running out of responses to those bulletbombs yes I am...

Would like to be ready for when it ultimately F's the pooch altogether.
Plugs / boots / fuel filter / FPR all < 20k.  Watch it give up the ghost
while I'm @ beach in NH for 2 weeks & @ the drags, will be typical.  NH /
Maine lister-residents be warned heh heh...  may beg for help...


-PpppPppPaul stuttering or maybe not in CT K.

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