[s-cars] CPS - what's the $$$ damage?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Mon Aug 2 09:41:51 EDT 2004

Chris writes:

> I had the same problem two weeks back.
> NEA quoted me $375 for the part plus 3 hours labour.
> I was supposed to drive it up there Tuesday last week but the 
> previous night the CPS finally gave up completely and no 
> start at all. I couldn't find anyone to truck it to NEA, even 
> for $250, so I had to get it taken to Pass & Weisz in 
> Burlington. Where it has been languishing untouched ever 
> since, due to a continuing foulup with keys (locked in the 
> car by the tow driver) and spare keys (picked up by the P&W 
> shuttle guy last Wednesday but mislaid and not found until 
> Friday p.m.). Sigh, hoping they get to it today.
> My advice, get this fixed sooner rather than later!!

Ouch. My recent experience with P&W is that they will find all sorts of
things to bill you for. They seem to specialize in squeezing every last
penny out of a repair. Case in point, they replaced *three* of my 02 sensors
(partially covered under my extended warranty). Three? Why on earth would
three need to be done?

There are a couple of really good private mechanics in the area. I strongly
recommend Central Service Garage in Natick (508-653-5880)
> Oh well, we have a new toy while waiting. Our garage went 
> from 10-cylinders/1-turbo to 11-cylinders/3-turbos. We traded 
> mye wifes '94 Volvo 850 for a shiny new Allroad 2.7T 6-speed. 
> Wow, it's even more adept than the S6 at silently creeping up 
> to speeds way in excess of the limit!

Nice. If you want to do the famous 402 mod (or make any other more minor
modifications), I've got VAG-com software and the correct cable for your

'02 A6 quattro avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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