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It's the springs, not the shocks, that are going to combat brake dive-
you'll need at least S6+ springs in the front to stiffen up the front
end so that you get more resistance to weight transfer to the front

Of course, you will need to revalve your Bilsteins in order to get your
damping right with higher rate springs.

BTW, Mintex are not the best choice for pedal feel- IMHO, they seem kind
dead feeling compared to Hawk HPS. I would also look at Porterfield R4S
Pagid 4-2-1.

What springs are Neil running?

Looking at some of the brake bias info that's available, I still don't
how upgrading the rear brakes benefits our cars significantly,
especially from
a price/performance standpoint.


I do run the S6+ (29771).  And no they are not enough to combat the hard
dive from <really> severe braking.  Revalving the shocks will help though.

I agree, the Mintex should feel like crap, but like I said...  for some
reason my setup feels downright blissful to the foot.  Well, initially at
least, the crappy red box pads do fade quick with heat.  Hawk's or Textars
going on next (street car).

Neil's running Eibachs I believe.  The revalving coupled with the 2B camber
plates made it feel really nice.  Compounding that though may be his Super
Legs as compared to my sherman tank Avus mit 255s...

I agree, unless you have stupid $$$, touching the rears isn't super
important.  But a cost effective alternative (such as Robert suggested)
could be kewl.  Some engineerdude out here will come up with something, I
rest assured...


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