[s-cars] Extremely Good Gas Mileage

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 3 23:48:03 EDT 2004

I just wanted to share with the list an experience I had this weekend.  I
drove down to Pike's Peak Raceway from Littleton for 2 roundtrips this
weekend.  I filled up just before the first one and I put on about 330
miles, driving pretty aggressively in the 75 mph zones, i.e. a number of
downshift passes with speeds up to 95 or so to get by those idiots who won't
get out of the left lane.  Anyway I averaged 27.7 mpg and burned down to
just a needle's width below half a tank after 330 miles.  This bested my
previous record by approximately 2 mpg which was absolutely shocking to me
given that that was set driving to Nebraska on I-76 with no traffic and the
cruise set.  Just thought I would share...it seemed abnormally high, even
for a non-chipped car, not that I'm complaining.


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