[s-cars] Tweaking FMIC's?

Lewis, Gary M gary.m.lewis2 at boeing.com
Wed Aug 4 12:52:24 EDT 2004

Hi Mike et al,
We have spoke about this before, I hope this re-iteration isn't
offensive.  In rocket science, 15 degrees is a "Golden Angle".  In flow
characteristics, 15 degree transitions are the maximum angles that
minimize boundary layer problems (separation and turbulence) under flow.
And that is 15 degrees total, i.e., 7.5 degrees per side.

Would this be good for 10 hp or 100 rpm boost?  Man I have NO idea.
Sorry.  Make up a top to bottom, 18x6x3, and I'll test it for ya'...

And thanks for always thinking of this stuff.  Keeps the hunt

Gary Lewis

1995.5 S6 Avant, Green/Ecru, RS2 MAF, RS2 Exhaust Manifold, RS2
Injectors, Custom Turbo (K26 Turbine, Factory K26 Cold side (Audi Works
'999' P/N) with 50mm intake and custom Innovative Turbo compressor
wheel), TurboXS Type 25 Bypass Valve, Bilsteins, Eibachs, Big Reds, Spec
II Clutch.

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   Could this be good for another 10 (or 20 or ??) FMIC bhp; and making
full boost another 100, or 200 or 300 rpm sooner?


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