[s-cars] Ignition Switch Part Number?

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Thu Aug 5 10:59:56 EDT 2004

Bill:  I said "I think you can...." not "you definitely can...".  I
sonly peculated on this because when I was changing my fuel pump relay
(before I did the direct to battery relay) in position 6 of the central
relay panel and had the knee bolster off,  I could see the ignition
switch from underneath.  I didn't try to replace it or even find the red
locktite (goop) that you mention.  I did touch the switch and it seemed
that it would be an alternative to taking the instrument cluster (IC)
out.  Which, Bill Noland (and others), if you do take out the IC to
change the ignition switch, you might as well also change the IC bulbs
from the 1.2 W bulbs to the 2 W bulbs (9 or 10 of them).  Instructions
on UrS4.com.

Dave F.

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