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James Murray (QB/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
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This is consistent with what LLTEK told me, since the valence has deep as possible air scoops to direct air, you need to trim them and bring the mesh closer. What I meant was the valence was deeper because it was more square than the original grill inserts which rounds up, thus more area frontage, but I totally agree with Apikol that you would have to trim the large air scoops... 


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James et all, here is a bit of dialog I though might
be of intrest.


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Thanks for your interest in Apikol.
I don't have any pictures here, but we should have
some, or we can get some.  

One of our customers has installed the LLtek valence
after our intercooler install.  The valence allows for
much less room between the bumper and the AC condenser
for the intercooler. To solve this, they removed the
bumper, and trimmed away some of the inset (made it 
so that the grills were not so deep back in the
bumper) and replaced the grill.
The biggest problem is making plumbing pass the side
grills. Unfortunately, the only car around here with
the LLTek valence, does not have one of our

To answer your question, there is less room behind the
LLtek valence than stock, but to the best of my
knowledge, you can make it work by trimming back the
insets, and moving the grills out.  

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  

Brooks Beal
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Do you have Pics of your installation / installed
My S6 avant has been updated with the LLtek Chin
Spoiler are you familiar, and does that pose 
issues/resolve fittment issues?

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> Subject: RE: [s-cars] FMIC- What's it worth to you.
> Once my car is done at LLTEK (fingers crossed that
> the new LLTEK side skirts are ready next week, hope
> to show them off at the S-fest ;-)) I'm still
> waiting to measure how much space I have available
> with the LLTEK RS front before I decide on a core
> (should be a little bit more room) but I'm really
> holding out to see what Gary puts together before I
> take the plunge... 
> What's it worth?, depends on what you get...but it's
> really great to see all the enthusiastic engineering
> work and talk going on !
> Cheers, /Jamu.

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