[s-cars] Timing Belt R&R

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Tue Aug 10 02:58:13 EDT 2004

Hiya Bob,
I was in VM today and saw your order sitting on the table.  I use them quite a lot for replacement parts because they have awesome prices and can get you dealer only parts at a discount.  I did use seller FAP99 from ebay for the timing belt kit because his price was half of what the best price VM could give me was.  All the parts were German (except for the roller bearing which was a Hungarian FAG), and yes both belts were conti belts.  Normally VM has the same or lower price than what I can find online but just not in this case.  I was faced with $300 for parts with VM and $130 for parts from FAP99.  I chose FAP99 because of the price and the fact that he was selling good parts.  I would say that the timing belt kit, spark plug boots, and spark plugs are the exception to the VM rule.  For example on Saturday I replaced my left motor mount and the price I got from VM was 30% less than any online retailer I could find.
Gabriel Caldwell

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	Fred, Dave, others,
	It appears that the last person to do my timing belt did a sloppy job (made a mess of the head of the cam sprocket bolt for example; what might they have done to the crank sprocket?) so I'm thinking of redoing it (60,000 km since last change supposedly).  At any rate, where do you recommend I buy the parts.  Know anything about Foreign Automotive who advertise on eBay? Price seems very cheap - is a Continental belt the standard one used, Febi tensioner any good?
	Forever grateful in Edmonton
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