[s-cars] HELP! Audi gods at work

jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net
Thu Aug 12 17:20:09 EDT 2004

Thanks for the info guys, it is indeed the ignition switch.....

I am going to call the stealer tommorow as I have also found out
that there was a recall for this malfunction, I doubt the switch
was ever replaced.  Thanks again!!!!

john- On my way home in the rain!!!!!

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> This is a classic sign of a stuck ignition switch.  Just turn
> the switch back slightly after starting the car and you will
> have power to all those items.  While in the start position
> the X-Cutout relay cuts off power to high drain items so that
> you have as much battery power as possible for starting.
> The electrical half of the ignition switch has cracked and
> expanded slightly where it meets the mechanical half, and it's
> preventing it from disengaging from the start position.  This
> means you can fry your starter if you are not careful about
> it, so go get a new switch at the dealer and replace it as
> soon as you get a chance.  In the meantime make sure you turn
> it back slightly each time.
> Bob
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> > All,
> >
> > Today the gods have finally struck! I have not had one
> > electrical problem with my S6 until now but my luck has
> changed
> > for the worse I beleive.
> >
> > I got in to run and get some lunch and found out that my
> Climate
> > Control as well as both my turn signals and windshield
> wipers
> > are inoperable. If I turn the key to the acc position and
> don't
> > engage the starter then everything works, as soon as I crank
> the
> > car and start the engine the turn signals and windshield
> wipers
> > don't work and the Climate Control is blank. It only happens
> > while the car is running, if I don't start it everything
> > works??????? Since it is raining pretty hard right now I
> > haven't checked the fuses but I cannot drive home w/o the
> > wipers! It doesn't seem like a fuse to me though since it
> works
> > except when the motor is running? Any ideas on what the hell
> is
> > going on with the electrics? Also, even though the turn
> signals
> > don't work the Cruise Control still does.
> >
> > Thanks for any insight.
> >
> > john-trying to get home in the rain.
> >
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