[s-cars] RS2 "Killer" dyno results

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Tue Aug 17 08:07:52 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/16/2004 9:37:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, Djdawson2 

> I'm a big believer in hard data.  "Blowing doors off" is not hard data.  No 
> offense, but I prefer scientific methods.  Show me your dyno chart ;)  Also, 
> I won't even address the practice of clipping turbine wheels to compensate 
> for not having the right wheel, heck... the RS2 turbine is a clipped K24 
> wheel.  For me, it's just another reason why I don't need to mess with the KKK 
> stuff.  Again, this is just my preference... not intended to offend those 
> working with KKKs.  Obviously, good results can be had using them.
>   It is interesting that you note that the RS2 is left behind at 4000rpm+ 
> because at the boost levels produced with the popular RS2 software, that is 
> when the RS2 compressor begins to get in trouble.  If you look at the dyno runs, 
> you can see that the Garret does indeed outperform the RS2 in the higher rev 
> range.  The big issue, however, is that due to the shift in (and loss of) 
> torque, it is much less useable power in everyday situations.  That's what 
> we're trying to cure.
> Take care,
> Dave

 I gotcha on what your saying, and I'm not offended at all but I think a lot 
of people are looking for more and they donn't know it so I'm just trying to 
save some of the people that are reading your posts from being like I was and 
going through 5 turbo's before I found the one that spooled up fairly quick and 
had plenty of power through the rev range. I regret not ever getting the car 
on the dyno but the S2 coupe will be running pretty much the same setup as my 
s4 was so I'll make sure I get it on the dyno for some true testing. Other 
than what my car could pull on some big straights I don't have any hard HP #'s. 
In a straight line it out ran a chipped RS6, 993tt porsche, ZO6 vette, and some 
other high HP modded cars so I just figured it was making good power.


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