[s-cars] New Photo Posting Area For List Members

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Sat Aug 21 16:41:22 EDT 2004

Excellent idea!!  I uploaded a picture of my S4 for those of you who have never seen it.  The picture can be found here:
Gabriel Caldwell

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	Hello everyone,
	I realize that there are times you would like to be able to post photos
	somewhere for other list members to see.  In order to accommodate this wish
	I created a photo gallery that can be used by members of both the S-Car List
	and Biturbo S4 list in the event you need a spot to post a photo. 
	Please feel free to use this album to share photos 'temporarily' with other
	S-Car List members.  If you do not want a particular photo to be deleted
	after a period of time please put "Do Not Delete" within the caption field
	when uploading.
	It should be simple enough to use... just use the pull down at the top right
	to add a photo or photos.
	Darin Nederhoff
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