[s-cars] HVAC display problems (suggestions please) +Samco MM available

Airbil at aol.com Airbil at aol.com
Tue Aug 24 00:16:42 EDT 2004

Allz I can tellz ya is that this was in fact the only 
symptom I had that something was amiss, prior to my no 
start condition which lead to cold chinese food, a tow 
job and then ignition switch, starter replacement:(
Shortly after changing my ignition switch, I also changed 
it on my sisters 92urS4 and whilst it still worked, the 
nylon/plastic housing was cracked in the classic manner.
Search the archives for more evidence such
as this from the oh so slow A6 list "(The symptoms being
intermittent failure of headlights, turn signals, climate control, etc.) This combined with the switch have a "tight" feel to it I mentioned before."
Again its, 35 bucks, takes but an hour and if you havent 
done it, its in that guaranteed to fail at some point category.
HTH MTFBWU (may the force be with you!)
Bill m

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