[s-cars] Improved Lower RSB Brackets

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Wed Aug 25 23:41:25 EDT 2004

Hi guys

I've been out at the golf course all day playing in my club's senior club 
championship. Let me make a few observations and hopefully clear up any 
confusion. John's Improved Lower RSB Brackets(ILRBs) will not allow someone without a 
stock sway bar to mount an HRSB. Mikie Pederson has provided the adapter kits 
that allow those of us with cars without a factory bar to mount the HRSB. He 
will do another run of these if we have 5 guys come forward to commit. It sounds 
like we have at least 2 in Mike Clair and Keith Maddock.

Now, back to the ILRBs. This part as provided by Audi has failed several 
times. I believe Trevor Frank and Brian Billotti had failures out in California. 
Here in Evahboost, Dave Dawson has had several failures. Both Brian and Trevor 
are hard track addicts and Dave lives on a particularily rough gravel road. 
Dave believes that his problems were related to his road. There are over 50 of 
these bars in use and these are the only failures. As you all can see from 
John's pictures, the failure occurs at the bend point of the bracket. A fix has 
been to weld this back together. Dave Dawson had come up with a more permanent 
fix which was basically a beefed up bracket of thicker material. I have a set 
but have not mounted them. Dave has recently announced his retirement from ILRB 
production. If the bracket does fail you do lose the use of the rear bar but 
there is no catastrophic issue. It looks like John's ILRB is a superior fix 
but I must urge a little caution here. The factory bracket has been a fine fuse 
in this system and a beefing of the bracket just might bring a new fuse into 
the picture. As always YMMV and Mike Pederson and myself cannot accept any 
responsibility for the use of an ILRB.

I will not mount Dave's bracket until my stock ones fail. Dave Dawson has 
pointed out that my 400lb linear rear coil-overs might not put as much strain on 
my overall HRSB system. Anyone who has paid for Dave Dawson's Merican fix 
please e-mail me and I'll arrange a refund. I have 7 red bars that should ship 
tomorrow. This current buy numbers 30 so please be patient.

Hap, talkin dahkine HRSBs in Evahboost, Maguire

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