[s-cars] Turbo Upgrade?

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Sun Aug 29 01:27:44 EDT 2004

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cpayne at bconnected.com writes:

> -1) Has anyone done a dyno before and after a port and polish of the
> head?
>       - I have heard it gives you gains in terms of earlier
> spool-up and lets the engine breathe better at high RPM's but have not
> seen any hard data.

Yeah, I asked about this a couple of weeks ago... no response.

> -2) Considering a Garrett T04E 50 Trim with a KKK K26#8 Hot-Side...can
> anyone attest that this is a great set-up with not much more lag then
> the RS2 turbo?  Or should I consider the smaller hot-side #6 vs. the #8?

I don't like this turbo.  We dyno tested that exact turbo a couple of weeks 
ago (same place you dynoed your car).  It was RS2 EM/injectors/MAF and the 
"popular" RS2 software with the VMAP.  It made 337hp peak, but hits no sooner than 
4k rpm, and has a 20ft/lb torque disadvantage to the RS2.  I have the dyno 
chart if you want it... and it has my RS2 results overlaid on the same graph.

However, if you want one of those turbos, mine's for sale.  It probably has 3 
or 4 hours on it.  In all likelihood, it would be a really good turbo if we 
didn't live at this altitude.

We will be testing a different Garrett hybrid next week.  Driving impressions 
are great. Hits earlier than RS2, and makes strong top end power.  I'll post 
the dyno results to the list after we test it.
Take care,

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