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Jim UrQ Stebro'ed: 

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Just wanted to relay some problems that a ur-quattro owner is having with a 
certain exhaust manufacturer with whom some of you might be familiar.  Any 
BTDT WRT this manufacturer would be most appreciated. 

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I have them somewhere. Basically I called Stebro Oct 6 and was told they had

one in stock and I'd receive it in 10 to 12 days. When it didn't show up I 
called. I was told it was held up in customs but when I got a tracking 
number for it UPS clearly showed it wasn't even picked up from Stebro until 
Nov. 5. I consider that lying. On Nov 14th I received the center section. 
When I called again about the rear section, Dan said it was shipped in two 
pieces and he said he'd get me the second tracking number. I never got the 
second tracking number or the rear section of the system.>>> 

Ah, good 'ole Dan.  Great guy.  Too bad your friend's experience with him
was similar to mine (gasp, dare I say it...  I broke with lined up masses
and chose an antiStromung?).  

Same customs story.  Same delaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  Mine took weeks longer
than initially discussed.  Finally arrived fine tho, been loving it ever
since (contrary to all them Stromung lubbers opinions out there).  Assure
him he'll dig it once he slaps it on and will soon forget all about Dan.  He
really seemed to be a very decent guy tho, albeit unrealistically
optimistic.  Or that customs stuff is out of their control or something.


-Paul Stromung be damned K. 

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