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Sat Dec 4 11:52:08 EST 2004

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> I'd suggest that the 3" exhaust is a limiting factor on this motor. I
> have a lot of these mods (K26/27 turbo, 7A cam, RS2 goodies) to mine
> and have a 3" turbo back exhaust. At full throttle on a long pull near
> redline it makes that sound that all normally aspirated cars w/
> inadequate exhaust systems make. 

Is it a Stromung?  If so, that's the sound of going from 3" pipe into a 2 1/2 
inch muffler without using a transition.  Keith Maddock's old car (that we 
bought for my cousin) had exactly the same issue... and if you were sitting in 
the back seat, sounded like a 70's station (let's say a Vista Cruiser!) on a 
hard pull.  Mike Pederson discovered this construction tactic a while back... 
not very free flowing.  A 3" system shouldn't be a drawback, if done well.
Dave in CO

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