[s-cars] RE: parking

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Mon Dec 6 14:01:53 EST 2004

Tommyboy parked: 

<<<So, I've been parking in extreeme corners of lots for years. Guess I need
change my behaviour but now where to park ? 


Precisely the reason I nevvvvvvver park out there.  Makes the car stand out
waaaaaaaay too much (easy target to get keyed from some schlep I blew by on
the highway for not signaling right or something, now he's found me).  Find
a spot next to a median, light post, etc. closest to the entrance as you can
and kiss the tires off the curb or bumper to the lightpole (you should see
my car parked in my garage here, passenger mirror 1mm off large concrete
pole, always elicits stupid comments from my clueless colleagues).  

My car (knock wood) virtually never gets a door ding.  Jen's ML on the other
hand (which she parks in the boonies) is a dent ding magnet.  Plus, wayway
out is bad for chics (and you Tom), makes them easy car jack / rape targets.


-Paul professional parker from my dealership days K.

ps.  just b/c the cops won't do anything to those dolts wouldn't stop me
from, er, well, you know.  Actually, no you don't, let's keep it that way...

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