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Mike Platt mplatt911 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 14:50:03 EST 2004

Done a similar thing with my 200 20vTQ a few years back. Cruising down the passing lane up north in a heavy snowstorm with the Hakkas doing their job. Doing about 60 mph in the "fresh tracks" area. NH's finest creeping along in right lane. Went right by him doing the speed limit..what could he do.
My most recent good one. Heading up 91 just north of Spingfield Sunday night after Thanksgiving. It had been raining for 300 miles of driving already. Saw a big traffic backup in the southbound lane. There was  a state trooper buried up to his axles in the median. Seems he was hiding behind some shrubbery to catch those pesky speeders. Went to pull out and partially climbed hill to get on highway, only to slid back down and get stuck....deep. If I only had my camera handy. He was just sitting in cruiser waiting for rescue. The rubbernecking delay was like two miles long. Glad I wasn't in that mess to find out it was because a cruiser got stuck trying to nab a speeder.
Mike P (AWD-hemi cruisin with studded Hakkas now)
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A couple of years back I managed to get even with da-man.  It was a 
slightly different technique, however, perhaps even more satisfying, 

I was driving home from an overnight meeting in Virginia with heavy 
still falling.  Lesser traffic was snailing it along in the slow lane 
the fast lane was fairly deep but pretty well packed snow.  Guess which 
lane I was driving in with my Q-SHIP.  ;-)  I passed a long line of 
containing a VA REO.  He turned on his advertisement lighting and tried 
best to come after me.  OK, I pulled over into about 14 inches of 
unblemished roadside snow and let him catch up to me.  He pulled in 
me and finally, after he had run out of expletives and turned me loose, 
drove off and left him.  When last seen in the mirror from a distance 
of at 
least two miles he was still stuck in the snow.  I still chuckle when I 
think of that incident.  :-D)

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