[s-cars] air intake choices

Rich Beebe rich at beebecomm.com
Tue Dec 7 17:02:57 EST 2004

i ran across that one the other day when i was searching all the
sites that people posted (OEM retailers). it looks good, but i
was thinking that i could possibly bend a new piece of aluminum,
with more surface area (for heat), and rerivet it to the mount.
i'd like a fully enclosed unit (the one i referenced even has a
gasket to close against the hood), but may have to fab something
up if no one makes one.

thanks for the link, jim.


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> http://www.tjmmotorsport.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=30551&cat=
> 728&page=2
> I had one of these on my Avant and loved it.  Never any heat/water related
> issues.  Never.
> HTH,
> Jim
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> i'm curious if somebody out there is making an air intake similar to the
> following:
> http://www.beebecomm.com/personal/audi/intake_jimc_car_lg.jpg
> this is a system commonly used with the euro MAF/intake on the '95-99 M3s
> and it worked very well. the airbox on the S6 seems quite convoluted and i
> have to believe a similar intake would be beneficial on our cars. anybody
> know of something similar or another system that uses a 'heat protected'
> cone/foam filter.
> thanks.
> rich

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