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Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Thu Dec 9 11:41:25 EST 2004

So I assume this stuff is butyl rubber or what?  I  bought  the butyl rubber 
stuff  at an auto place, it came in a coil like a piece of rope. The guy 
said it was normally used for sealing windshields. With the glazing tape 
mentioned in an earlier post I thought originally  it was something similiar 
to home weatherstripping (foam with a sticky side). So what is originally 
used, the black butyl rubber or foam stuff ?

Also how have people mounted their US plates to the Euro tail section? When 
my father had the 5000s ( w/ Euro center section) we drilled two holes 
through the plate and mounted it like the Germans used to do, I want to 
avoid doing that.

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> the lens is most likely held on with dum-dum an adhesive found at body and 
> auto paint suppliers. the stuff is available in boxes or trays of varying 
> thickness according to your need. it can not be removed with hard prying 
> or any quick force. removal can be made easier with a hair dryer to first 
> soften it up....then insert a flat tool beneath a corner or edge and apply 
> a constant pressure. in this manner it will first stretch and then 
> eventually let go bit by bit. keep applying heat while working and do not 
> use rapid brute force or the lens will break first.
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