[s-cars] Re: also starting to consider other awd sedans

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Thu Dec 9 22:22:10 EST 2004

For the record, the '04 Legacy (gen 4) is a TOTALLY different 
beast from the 2nd gen '95's, which are now two generations back. 
Second, somehow, lack of maintenance (dad never
changed fluids on a car that is admittedly well designed
for such duties) on the beater Scoob (gen 1 Legacy)
has caused an impending failure of the front diff and
final drive (it's getting so loud it's hard to hear the 
radio). Changing fluids (even to synth) hasn't helped.
So they're not totally bulletproof. 

And, my ex and my best friend have gen 3 Legacys. No
Audi/VW's, but competent road cars. A definite step up
from the Gen 2 cars. Gen 4 are truely up to the roadworthyness
of the latest Germanic offerings, although I'd have to say the
equipment, finish, and materials are still second rate, better
than the typical 'murican road car, but not up to the luxury
makes of any of the continents. 

LL - NY: Defending Scoobs, but still rather have an Audi

> Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 14:05:38 -0800
> From: "Wayne Dohnal" <wd1 at hevanet.com>
> Subject: [s-cars] also starting to consider other awd sedans
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> > How about a Subaru Legacy GT?  Rumor has it that next year they're
> > bringing it over with a high revving 2.0L turbo or even a 
> variation of
> > the STi 2.5L turbo motor
> As the owner of a 1995 Legacy since it was new, let me chime in on 
> this. 
> First disclaimer: I'm not judging performance.  My '95 2.2 is a 
> slug. 
> Second disclaimer: Maybe they've changed a lot, but when I test 
> drove a new 
> '02 they were sitll the same as mine.
> The Subaru is a good put-put for short trips, but it's hard to even 
> compare 
> it with an Audi because it's like apples and oranges.  The solid 
> feeling 
> just isn't there.  The comfort isn't there.  After 30 minutes in the 
> Subaru 
> I have the same fatigue as with 4 hours in the Audi.  It's just the 
> individual things like road noise and seat comfort that all add up.  
> I 
> usually have a free choice of which car to use, and if the trip is 
> over a 
> few miles I never choose the Subaru.
> The positive thing for the Subaru is that you can kick it around and 
> it 
> still keeps going.  In 10 years and over 100K miles the only major 
> problem 
> was a horrendously leaky front crank seal.  It took less work to 
> replace the 
> seal and the timing belt that it takes to get the Audi's front end 
> taken 
> apart just to get started on the engine.  I've spent less on parts 
> for the 
> Subaru in 10 years that I spend every year for the Audi.  But I like 
> the 
> Audi better.  It's not even a close choice.
> Wayne Dohnal
> 1994 S4 

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