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Joern Amundsen joern.amundsen at online.no
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There is a check valve in the oil gallery which should prevent the draining
of oil in the lifters when engine is shut down. The check valve is located
behind the adapter that holds the VDO gauge sensor and 1,8 barg oil pressure
switch on the left side of the engine. If this valve sticks in closed
position it will reduce the amount omf oil to the lifters an noice will
occur, and if it sticks in open position the engine will clatter for quite a
few seconds when engine is started until oil pressure is buildt up again.

Part number is : 077 103 175B-oil retention valve. It is quite thight and
difficult to get the VDO sensor out and you should probably change all the
copper rings(10 mm) while you are at it. The retention valve is loosened by
using a 8 mm four square Allen key.

And the engines are also very sensitive to low oil level, meaning at low
level on the dipstick noice will likely occur when oil temperature is
reaching 90 - 100 deg C.

Best regards Joern, MTM RS

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> I work from home and rarely drive the car long distances.  Today I
> went up north about an hour and 15 minutes on an appointment, and
> drove back about an hour later.  This was steady interstate driving,
> 75 or 80 mph.  That's probably the longest drive I've had.  Near the
> end of the trip I was idling in a drive thru line, thinking to myself
> what a piece of crap car is ahead of me in line, the valvetrain
> sounded like the oil hadn't been changed in the life of the car.  Then
> I noticed the car was actually brand new - still had the temporary
> plates on it.... the noise was coming from my car :)
> I have NEVER heard this car (or any car I've ever had) sound the way
> it did.  I immediately checked my gauges (all normal) and pulled into
> a parking space, shut off the car and just sat there and thought about
> things a few minutes.  Later I checked the oil and it was down at the
> bottom of the operating range on the stick.  That's the lowest I've
> ever let it get.
> Knowing I had enough oil, normal pressure, and normal temps, I started
> the car.  It was still loud, but it was already quieter.  I drove the
> last 5 miles home, and by the time I was there it was like it never
> happened.
> Ideas?
> Also, it bothers the heck out of me when I start the car each day and
> hear the same valve noise for the first 1 second until pressure
> builds.  Anybody else get that?  After that first second, sounds like
> a brand new car.
> BTW I'm running Mobil 1 10W30, and I live in NH.  It's not that cold yet.
> Mike
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