[s-cars] "groaning" when turning left

Jerry Scott jerryscott at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 14 13:57:37 EST 2004

This could very likely be a front wheel bearing.  I had the same problem 
and changing the wheel bearing fixed the problem.  Put the entire car on 
jack stands and run the running gear. Turn the suspected front wheel 
outboard and use a stethoscope to listen to the bearing.  You will hear 
the one that is failing.

Bob DG wrote:

> More like on left hand sweepers at higher speeds. Almost sounds like 
> exhaust is just barely touching something... Could it be a wheel bearing?
> You know the wierd groaning sound the Stomung has been known to make 
> in the rain? It sounds like that but not quite as loud.
> I'm stumped.
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