[s-cars] Battery going dead...rear windows dont work.

Nick Stuart baredok at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 13:24:48 EST 2004

Anyone have this problem before? 

The battery is dying regularly (just got a new replacement from Napa
hoping it was a crappy battery, guess not). I noticed one night when I
went out to charge it, the old battery, the rear doors where producing
a humming noise, and when I pushed the window switch it would stop,
but come right back when i release. so I disconnected the battery, and
charged it. Next time I go to drive it the rear windows dont work, so
I figure I have two dead motors which I can replace ,but why are the
on to begin with?!?!

The symptoms are around even when the J329 relay that controls the
windows is completly out and with a brand new battery that is charging
fine while driving. No noises or anything from unexpected places. Let
the car sit for a couple of hours though and its completly dead. Any
ideas? Bad window regulators? What can I disconnect where to turn off
all power from the rear windows for now?

Thanks for the help!!


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