[s-cars] motive for hire near doylestown?

Dooksniffer at aol.com Dooksniffer at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 17:41:20 EST 2004

Does anyone in the NE Philadelphia area own a Motive pressure bleeder that 
they would like to rent out.  $$, brewskis, both you name it.
I've got a new MC and SC on the way from central Jersey (parstbin.com... 
thanks Taka)  and the Motive people are all the way over there in California.  I 
would like to tackle the job when the parts get here on Wednesday.  And/or also 
would a place like Pep Boys or Sears carry an equivalent type tool.  I know I 
should go look for myself, but the train didn't stop at either locale.

Ron W. 
S6 immobile in Stockton NJ :-(

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