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Actually, i have yet to find a quick change oil place that will take
coolant.  It is much harder to get rid of than oil as Pep Boys, etc. have
oil drop places.

Can you elaborate on the "detrimental effect" to the treatment plants.  I
was unaware that they couldn't treat this stuff.  The recommendation I got,
and have never followed, was from a plumber.


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Coolant will have a detremental effect on the
reciepant wastewater treatment plant, causing further
damage to the environmnetal downstream.

Take used coolant to you local recycling facility.
(All Title V landfills must have a hazardous waste
receiving facility and most quick change oil places
will take it to recycle).

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>Actually, if you have a "shop sink" it's quite OK to
>dump this stuff down your normal drain, from what I

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