[s-cars] RE: AAN CR vs 3B vs gaskets

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Wed Feb 4 09:24:40 EST 2004

Now that we've established that audi had a *lot* of leftover fibre 3B gaskets 
for the AAN, let's take this information to the next step.  First possibly a 
FAQ on the Urs4/6 site.  There is no doubt that the metal head gasket is the 
better one, and there is no doubt that any fibre gaskets laying around (NOS) 
*can* be used by any shop, unless one is S car savvy.  Luckily, if you order any 
of the 3 common german gasket sets for the S car, all of them carry the metal 
gasket as standard, and have for years.  I'm going to put the compression 
ratio comparo in my recycle bin, cuz I believe that to be utter BS, audi picks CR 
numbers and stays with them for years.  A swap from a compressed fibre to a 
compressed metal is no different than a head mill within factory specification, 
IOW, I'd doubt any claim more than normal production tolerance of 9.3:1.

Quoting from the RS2 New Model Information put out by the Ingolstat boys in 
"This high tech engine has a compression ratio of 9.3 and is designed to run 
on Super Plus fuel (98 RON).  Thanks to its cylinder-selective knock control 
system, it can also be driven with Euro-Super (95 RON) with a slight drop in 
"Engine Type:  5-cylinder petrol engine
Cubic Capacity:  2.2/2226
Max output:  315hp/6500
Max torque:  410Nm at 3000
Compression :1:  9.3"

Can I go to steamboat now?

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tfrank at symyx.com writes:
93 with old style felt paper gasket as well, and I did do all the work
myself so I am positive.

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