[s-cars] Re: Cabin Filter

Andrew Beckert abeckert at nc.rr.com
Sun Feb 8 20:36:39 EST 2004

A picture is worth a thousand words.  I took these today, as no one 
seems to have a picture of where the filter goes on an S-car.


The slot is located against the firewall on the passenger's side, under 
the covers and windshield wipers (you have to remove the wipers and the 
three pieces of plastic trim under them, so the bottom of the glass is 
exposed.  Expect to find tons of leaves and debris in there.  I tried to 
suck them out with the hood open before I realized I could just close 
the hood and access the slot even easier in the space between the hood 
and the windshield.

Andrew Beckert

RubEric at aol.com wrote:

> Where is the cabin filter located on your car? I have an S6 but have 
> never been able to find the filter on my car. I had finally concluded 
> that not all cars had a filter.
> Eric

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