[s-cars] Had a 93 in Anderson MS for a pre-purchase inspection.

Emre Washburn yumyjagermiester at hvc.rr.com
Tue Feb 10 00:31:38 EST 2004

This is my first mail to the S-cars list.

I'm close to purchasing a Black.Ecru 93, with 87k miles and MTM Stage 1.
Since the car is in Saint Paul, I had it inspected by Anderson Motorsport. I
got the fax today with the inspection report, it reads:

The Clutch Pedal Engages High. (Chris at Anderson, said that I would plan to
have a new clutch install sometime down the road, nothing immediate, but he
thought the disk was probably getting thin, but all Audi's I ever owned felt
this way.)

The Car Will Need:
Left and Right Front Sway Bar Bushings; Front and Rear Brake Hoses, Left and
Right; E Brake not Working (Chris said I might as well replace the cable,
rotors, and calipers while I'm in there)
Left and Right Traverse Links.

The Left Seat Belt is Slow to Rewind.

The Brake Pad Sensor Is Illuminated; This Is A Wiring Problem As The Brake
Pads Are New.

The Valve Cover Has A Slight Leak.

There Are Minor Cracks In The Air Box and Injector Covers, As Well As In The
Rear Cowl.

Some Rust On The Right Front Lower Fender. (Owner told me about this
already, it is from the mud flap, very common.)

Compression test results

Cylinder #1: 125 Lbs
Cylinder #2: 120 Lbs
Cylinder #3: 100 Lbs
Cylinder #4: 110 Lbs
Cylinder #5: 110 Lbs

I'm not sure what method they used for the test (hot/cold, open/close
throttle . . . I will ask tomorrow)

Chris said that these numbers aren't that low, and that it could be due to
the fact that the car sat a lot in the past 3-4 year in a garage, and that
there may be carbon build-up on the valves.

The car is asking at $9k.

What do you think, what else should I ask Anderson tomorrow?

90 CQ - searching for boost

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