[s-cars] 1st gear replacement

Keith Maddock keith-list at maddock.uzipp.com
Wed Feb 11 10:25:09 EST 2004

At 01:03 10.02.2004, Vincent Frégeac wrote:
>AFAIK, the later urS wide first gear won't fit in a tranny case with a
>narrow first gear. The preferred method to repair a narrow first gear is
>6 speed conversion. Not sure it's the cheapest though.
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>[mailto:s-car-list-bounces at audifans.com] De la part de Hans SerVaas
>Envoyé : 9 févr. 2004 13:49
>I need to replace the 1st gear in a tranny.  Does
>anyone know what the part number is, or how much it
>costs?  Lastly, had anyone converted their narow 1st
>to the wide flexible version?

Parts alone to convert to wide first are 900+ EUR at a minimum, at todays 
exchange that's USD1150+.  That includes the mainshaft, first gear, and new 
mid-section casting to clear the wide first gear.  Then add labor for the 
rebuild. ($300-$???)


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