[s-cars] Born Slippy

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Thu Feb 12 18:33:24 EST 2004

Brakes baby.
All the power in the world aint worth shit if your front end is all messy
like on the road in front of you !!

Just my thoughts,

Mark S
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> Yeah, so I'm on my way to the slope and oh my how quickly the '93 S4 gets
> there!
> I am in on the group buy for the RS2 turbo and recall an incredulous
> response when I mentioned that my car was chipped but I had not upgraded
> brakes... In what order would y'all recommend I do the following
> - RS2 turbo and all that goes with it (EM, recalibration of chips, etc.)
> - Brakes
> - Suspension
> I intend to do this piecemeal because, as you all continue to stress, this
> shi at t can get expensive.
> Pointing downhill with my $$ strapped to my feet,
> Chris
> Chicago, IL
> 1993 S4 itching for more
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